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We do our best to provide accurate and up-to-date information on our website, but errors may occur. Please confirm pricing and details with us prior to making a booking.

By making travel bookings on our website or with one of our agents, or otherwise purchasing any travel services offered by Friendly Planet, you warrant that 1) you are at least 18 years of age and have the legal authority to create a binding legal obligation; 2) you accept and agree to all the Terms presented herein; and 3) all information supplied by you for the purposes of that booking is true, accurate, current, and complete to the best of your knowledge.

BOOKING ON BEHALF OF OTHERS: If you make a booking for anyone other than yourself, you are considered the designated contact person for those other travelers. You represent and warrant that you are legally authorized to act on their behalf; that you have obtained all required consents; and that you will inform them of these Terms and warrant that they accept and agree to them. You are also responsible for making all payments due for your booking; notifying us if any changes or cancellations are required; and keeping the other travelers informed of all information relevant to your trip.

REGISTRATION: After you complete your booking, we’ll send you an email containing a link to a secure traveler registration form. For most packages, you must complete this form within 5 days of booking. Let us know if you are unable to complete it within this timeframe, or your booking may be subject to cancellation.

CONFIRMATION: After we receive your booking and deposit, we will confirm availability of all components and send you a confirmation email within 1–2 business days. If any option or component you selected is not available, we will alert you and give you the option to modify your booking or to cancel and receive a refund of your deposit.

From the time of your booking confirmation until your final payment; your price may only be changed if: 1) you request Changes or Customizations to your booking; 2) new or increased government taxes or fees are implemented that apply to your package or its components; 3) vendor costs applicable to your package or its components increase. Under any of these circumstances, we will inform you how your package price will be affected.

Once your booking is fully paid the package price will not change, unless: 1) you request Changes or Customizations to your booking; 2) new or increased government taxes or fees are implemented that apply to your package or its components. In either case, we will inform you how your package price will be affected.

SPECIAL MEAL REQUESTS OR DIETS: You may enter special meal requests or dietary restrictions for each traveler when you complete your registration. We will relay your requests to the airlines and our partners in destination. Please confirm meal requests with the airlines by 72 hours before departure. We cannot guarantee that your requests will be honored, and some requests or restrictions may be difficult to accommodate in some destinations.

PRICES: Advertised package prices are based on double occupancy rooms or cabins and the least expensive travel dates, departure city, hotels, and other options available, and do not include Optional Excursions or other optional items, unless otherwise noted. Your total price will vary based upon the dates, flights, hotels, and other options you select when you book.

Advertised package prices may reflect an “Instant Savings” discount. On occasion, we may also offer price reductions, sale discounts, coupon discounts, or other promotional discounts on certain packages, departures, or services. Such discounts are valid for a limited time, only apply to new bookings, and may have other conditions or limitations. Existing bookings for which a deposit has been received are not entitled to price reductions or discounts that were not valid at the time of booking.

Prices and availability are subject to change until you make a booking and that booking is confirmed. After that, your package price will not change, with some exceptions listed under Confirmation.

All advertised prices and costs are in U.S. currency, unless noted otherwise.

Payments, Refunds & Credits
DEPOSITS: A deposit, paid via one of our accepted payment methods, is required to secure your Tour Only booking, which will be applied toward the cost of your package. Selected tours will now require an increased deposit when airfare to and from your destination is included. Deposits vary by package, and some departure dates and/or departure cities may require a different deposit. Please check the package page, start a booking, or contact us to find out the required deposit. Changes or customizations you request to our packages may require an increased or additional deposit.

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